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Used my first Mac in 1980. Consistent Mac user since 1993Mac OSX Lion Not allergic to WindowsMS Windows operating system-friendly Using Microsoft Office since 2000 to stay compatible with client content and collaterallinks Adobe InDD user since CS2; was a QXP guy before [since 3.2]Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator user since 2006; was a MacroMedia FreeHand guy before [since '92]Adobe Illustrator Photoshop user since 3.0 [1992]Adobe Photoshop Dreamweaver user since MacroMedia, 1999Adobe Dreamweaver Flash user since MacroMedia, 1998Flash Transmit by Panic. Awesome FTP client for MacPanic's Transmit FTP client DropBox - muy handy!!Dropbox I use iMovie for simple web video productioniMovie GarageBand for editing multi-channel audio for web presentations. Create my own music when rights aren't in the budgetGarageBand Felt Tip Sound Studio; excellent little 2-channel audio editor perfect for web accentsFelt Tip Sound Studio << software
hardware >>
Use USB Blue Snowball mic for capturing audio for webBlue Snowball USB mic Nikon D80 Digital - no budget for stock imagry? Let's create our own!Nikon D80 Digital Epson Perfection 1650 scanner - for jobs that don't require insane quality [and even for some that do!]Epson Perfection 1650 hp color LaserJet 2500L - oldie but a goodie - still rocks on qualityhp color LaserJet 2500L Love my MacBook Pro - sync'd with my towerMacBook Pro MacPro Tower - 'tis a beautiful thing with a 23" cinema displayMacPro Tower 23" Apple Cinema Display. Never alone, always a faithful companion by his side23" Apple Cinema Display I can update your content on your site from my phone anywhere, anytime, with FTP Client ProFTP Client Pro
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